• full body character drawing in dynamic action pose

  • in the style of your mermaid illustration, the first image in your portfolio

  • character on transparent background, background scene as separate file

  • high res png formats, I own all rights to illustration

Character Details

- personality/plot: Charlotte has a fiery attitude with a morbid sense of humor. She is the kind of person to fight for the innocent even when it just causes more trouble and to joke about chopping people into pieces. She is possessed by an electric eel and moray eel. She uses the demons to attack her peers during class. She accuses the peers of harassing her best friend.

- 17 years old, Japanese
- 5 feet 4 inches / 163cm, thin build
- see reference images for more specific details


  • an electric eel (with an electric effect)

  • a moray eel

Background ideas

an underwater classroom

  • lavender walls

  • black and white checkered floor

  • floating yellow tulips (optional)

  • windows with sheer white curtains (optional)

  • an interactive white screen used as a chalkboard (optional)

  • desks (optional)

Face Reference

Hair Reference
very long with bangs
color: dyed red with a few gray strands

Uniform Reference

Crisp gray shirt with collar
pleated navy blue skirt with two gray stripes
red silk bow tie
knee high navy blue socks
Shoes are optional; if desired then black versions of the sneakers in the photo

reference red silk bow tie

Floating pose, the electric eel and moray swimming around her in spirals

electric eel reference (add electric effect):

he falls in love with the moray. However, the moray rejects him. When he creates a beautiful electric display, the moral falls in love with him. But when he can’t give her children because they are different species, he eats her and then himself.

The demons are drawn to Charlotte because she is in love with an exorcist (Abel Caraway), a strong protector. They wish to use her and Abel to fulfill their legend.

Final Fantasy Leviathan, example of creative fantasy eel design

moray eel: reference for the type/shape of moray eel.
color should be red with white spots

NOTE: The eels have been transformed by their legend. So there is room for creativity. They are more fantasy eels. So adding some interesting fantasy anatomy would be nice. An example would be Final Fantasy’s Leviathan. Just make sure the eels look like they are different species because that’s important to their story. Their original species should be recognizable.

second example of fantasy eel

second example of fantasy eel

Background ideas

this is a previous work of art I had commissioned. I like how it incorporated the honeycomb in the background

The 3 brothers are drone bees (pictured to the far left)

The 3 brothers are drone bees (pictured to the far left)

- lamb’s head with blood crusted at cut and on fleece  - no overlapping with main character image

- lamb’s head with blood crusted at cut and on fleece

- no overlapping with main character image