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a folkloric & fairytale fantasy series

Almon Campbell's mother stepped on a cat's tail. Now, the cat expects Almon's soul as penance. If he agrees, he will unlock clues to a mystery from his mother's past. Who is the cat? And what happened at the Tarago Bridge between the matriarch and the feline that mandates his soul as repentance.

Conjure a vibrant world alive with demons and fairytale creatures where tales of love and yearning mingle with magical folklore to create a humorous and profound mosaic of the human heart.


And Corporation built a machine
Whose pulse turned war into peace
The people walked, free from fear
Dazed from bliss, the ignorance of uniformity

Over lifetimes, a free soul is born only to be reborn. He rises through oppression. He falls in his hubris. He will rise once more as the world is torn apart forever old and forever new. When he learns the truth of his existence, can he stop the apocalypse?


Only the mystical coxlilia can save your loved one from the grips of illness. Unfortunately, the stories reveal very little about how it can be found. Desperate but determined, you journey into the forest and through a magical portal where a trial of faith, healing, and self-discovery await.


a political & military high fantasy short story

The Erzhangen fight a sacred war against those who would defile nature. Murder and corruption reveal that the maneuvering of politicians is as essential to victory as the nobility of soldiers. And only the victors can write themselves as heroes in the annals of history.


a contemporary fantasy novel-in-stories

A spirit bee presents Ilanya Respa with a chance to become something more than human. Her boyfriend, Abel Carraway, has found purpose and sanity in the hunt of such demons. Can Ilanya win the world without sacrificing her beloved?

Carmine Lassiter sees the shadow of his inner demon. An act of horrifying violence follows, and Carmine is swept into a ritual of town and school politics that leaves him damned. Can Abel save him?

These literary paranormal tales weave together to create a destiny where a single desire can end the world.

the Solemn Chanting of Jars

a literary fantasy sequence