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Photo Credit: JeyArt & Oscars684 | Shutterstock

ISBN-13: 978-0692487822
ISBN-10: 0692487824

A corporation will invent mankind's saviors...superheroes.

Thomas Saionji is captain of the Harbingers. His team will undergo the treatments that could grant them special gifts. However, a dark superpower already exists. His team is forced into battle before they are ready, and Tommy may lose a comrade before fully understanding how he feels about him.

August Ellington is the original "sympath," a being born with the genetic markers for superhero potential. He and his brothers are GenZero, CrossTech's previous attempt at an extrahuman species. As the mysterious being attacks his team, August discovers his power. It could save humankind but cause his own ruin. Can he find happiness as his own person, or can he only be a tool for destruction?

Harbingers is an SFF superhero thriller for fans of the X-Men and other Marvel superheroes. A diverse group of young people struggle with their personal issues and face off against enemies in action-packed superheroics. They may be extraordinary, but their flaws make them all too human.