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a science fiction superhero series with action and heart

The Harbingers, led by Tommy Saionji, undergo the treatments that may grant them amazing abilities. They will excel beyond evolution's limits and save humanity from a hidden threat. However, when a dark force takes aim, our heroes-in-training discover that beings with powers already exist. The Harbingers must battle a superior enemy and their own fears in order to reclaim their destiny.

Tommy and his team will not only fight for the innocent; they will battle to protect the family they've unexpectedly become. The world may view the Harbingers as the chosen ones, but their flaws make them all too human...and all too vulnerable.


a contemporary fantasy novel-in-novelettes

Abel Carraway lives in a truth that everyone else denies: demons exist. He has found purpose and sanity in the hunt until the line between good and evil is blurred. His girlfriend, Ilanya Respa, falls for the temptation of a supernatural force. Then, Class President Carmine Lassiter sees the shadow of his inner demon, and an act of horrifying violence follows. Can Ilanya win the world without sacrificing her beloved Abel? Can Carmine reclaim his humanity? Abel may be a fated hero, but he will not decide the apocalypse.

Short Stories


a narrative poem

And Corporation built a machine
Whose pulse turned war into peace
The people walked, free from fear
Dazed from bliss, the ignorance of uniformity

Over lifetimes, a free soul is born only to be reborn. He rises through oppression. He falls in his hubris. He will rise once more as the world is torn apart forever old and forever new. When he learns the truth of his existence, can he stop the apocalypse?


a narrative poem

His sister's life hanging on the scales of karma, a boy embarks on a magical journey.

Only the mystical coxlilia can save his loved one from the grips of illness. Unfortunately, the stories reveal very little about how it can be found. Desperate but determined, the young man journeys into the forest and through a magical portal where a trial of faith, healing, and self-discovery awaits.


Walk into the light, and find the darkness.

In the wake of a violent act, a young boy is enslaved. He toils in the fields of a mysterious alien colony, never knowing what lies beyond the exotic horizon. He lives a horror his people had experienced generations ago. Many have died in the living garden, but he has only grown stronger. When presented with the chance to be free, there is no reason for him to decline. Or is there?


A PreEmp is a special officer sent to capture Future Criminals for rehabilitation. The Department of Humanity dispatches a PreEmp to recover Lyle Fabron, a boy witnessed in a precognitive vision as a dangerous threat. As the agent approaches the house, the mother takes off with the target. Why would a loving woman prevent her child from getting help?