- Zuciel gives Hendrix an adoring kiss on the hand.
- Zuciel is a devil in love. He feels triumphant in manipulating his favorite demon to marry him.
- Hendrix is disgusted with feeling trapped. But he knows there is a game to be played.
- Zuciel should be on the right; Hendrix on the left


Zuciel Morn


- tall
- olive skinned, Middle Eastern (skin tone references in right photo with the women)
- age: early 30s, but has a boyish grin (face and build reference in left photo)
- black eagle wings
- ox horns



- Wedding coat, black, silver embroidered Middle Eastern pattern (color and pattern ideas on the left)
- cloth draped over the shoulder (the length of the coat and cloth on the right)

Hendrix Grimms-Baron


- original references: www.enchantedcipher.com/projects
- ram horns curled outward (right photo)


- The wedding suit (left)

  • The coat should have some Middle Eastern embroidery (see right photo)
    • I like the three ornate stripes that extend from the decorated collar to the sides
    • I like embroidery on the sleeve
    • The coat should be white, the embroidery gold
  • A dark blue shirt
  • Gold ascot
  • A dark blue cummerbund with gold pattern