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Photo Credit: Manon_Labe

Readers can now explore the universe of Recumon in this low risk edition with 2 full stories!

In a world where desires and fears can conjure the ghosts of eels and lambs, Recumon's literary stories lace into a lyrical web of the paranormal and the psychological that forms a mosaic of the human condition.

Story One: Love Apidae

Abel Carraway has found purpose in the hunt of animal spirits that possess humans. He is an exorcist known for slaughter.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Ilanya Respa encounters a supernatural bee. It presents her with the chance to escape her mundane life and become a queen.

Can Abel allow his beloved Ilanya to fulfill her paranormal calling, or will death be the only recourse?

Story Two: Wrath Hominidae

Abel's peer, Carmine Lassiter, sees the shadow of his inner demon.

An act of horrifying violence follows, and Carmine is swept into a ritual of town and school politics that leaves him damned.

Can Abel exorcise the demon and save his classmate?