A Pact with Demons

A cat wants his soul for his mother's crime.
And every year a tree burns for a single night.

Almon Campbell investigates the supernatural mysteries that haunt the small town of New Haven. When demonic pacts unleash horror, Almon will find the clues to saving lives in his hometown's history.

What yearnings drive people to sell their souls to demons?



In a world where desires and fears can conjure the ghosts of eels and lambs, Recumon's literary stories lace into a lyrical web of the paranormal and the psychological that forms a mosaic of the human condition. ~

Abel Carraway has found purpose in the hunt of animal spirits that possess humans. He is an exorcist known for slaughter. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Ilanya Respa encounters a supernatural bee. It presents her with the chance to escape her mundane life and become a queen.

Can Abel exorcise the demons? What happens when one doesn't want to be saved?