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Dymion Gately confronts his mother in a duel of wits. As a bastard, he believes the love and devotion his family had given him may be a lie. He stands at that moment where boys become men, and his patriarch has given him no purpose, no value as a member of the family. Now, he faces a life of exile. Does his mother care for him, or was he only an embarrassment to be hidden in plain sight? Revelations unfold which may allow him to go gently into the night…or find a new power to pave a new path.

The Seat of Gately employs Victorian flare and modernist depth to create an alternate supernatural world. A society of werewolves pursue both conventional and illicit desires in a philosophical exploration of sex and identity. Issues of marriage, ambition, and sexuality challenge norms and leave complex characters with glorious opportunities and tragic obstacles.