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ISBN-13: 978-0692700341
ISBN-10: 069270034X

Ilanya Respa arrives for her appointment with destiny, and a game of politics will lay more than one body on the altar. The queen candidate will fight her lover one last time for her freedom. She will face the one he has locked away in his room.

A mysterious flower sprouts in a paradise of superstition. Abel Carraway investigates this prophesied harbinger of doom and realizes there is a scheme underneath the exotic politics. He confronts his best friend, Carmine Lassiter, for the last time before the apocalypse is decided. The alliance between the Tolesect and Shadowcrest Academy will finally bare its fruit.

Recumon is a literary paranormal series. Exploring the depths of the human mind and heart, these psychological short stories invoke rich imagery and lyrical language to create portraits of our darkest and most noble desires. Tales of love and yearning told through an evolving cast of characters entwine in circuits that create discord and revelation.